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It’s time for job interviews to change!

CHRO/HR Managers/Directors:

Studies show that traditional job interviews are poor predictors
of job performance. Interviewees give rehearsed answers and
interviewers are biased to pick candidates they like rather than
those with the most potential.
LinkedIn surveyed nearly 9,000 talent leaders and hiring managers from
around the globe and identified five new interviewing techniques
to help you assess and engage candidates more effectively. This
report explores these methods and how six of the most innovative
companies are implementing them. Read on to reimagine your
own interview process and improve your hiring results.

“Soft skills assessments are here to stay. In today’s environment there is such a demand for information. We all want information to make better hiring decisions, to better understand who is most likely to be successful at our firms, and who is most likely to stay. These assessments are meant do just that, hence our interest in testing and learning.”
Courtney Storz, Head of Global Campus Recruiting at Citi


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