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How Can Lifocus Career Services Help You?

By October 10, 2017No Comments

If you are a professional seeking a new job, wishing to make a career change or seeking professional advancement/development, we can help. We work with all levels from Managers to Executives.

Lifocus Career Services

WHAT WE DO: As career coaches, we guide you in planning and managing your career, whether you are 25 or 65; we also coach you to reach your maximum potential. When your potential is maximized, you will gain clarity in identifying your future endeavors, produce higher quality work, become more efficient, and communicate more effectively. WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US: As certified Executive Coaches and Career Counselors, we take a hands-on, “human touch” approach to our working partnership. we meet with you regularly, one-on-one, or by Skype, Webinar or phone until goals are met. You will have our support every step of the way.

Please, watch this video and get to know our career services.

Thomas Wharton is President of LIFOCUS CAREER SERVICES an Executive Coaching and Career Coaching firm in Rhode Island, providing Career & Transition CoachingOutplacementExecutive Coaching, and Assessments. Tom can be reached at 401.884.7959 • • •@careercoachTW