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Changing careers or changing jobs is a formidable task for most people. You don’t have the time, resources or knowledge of the ever-changing job market, social media, networking or latest interviewing techniques. Remember, career management is not taught in school. I am a certified career coach with 20+ years’ experience who helps people find the right “fit”, not just a job. I will help you identify and find the right job or career and work with you through the process to make it happen no matter how long it takes! It’s not about finding a new job, it’s about finding the right “FIT”. Also, consider we’re in a volitile job market with Covid 19, so the approach and techniques are completely different today and for the forseeable future.


- Considering a job or career change

- Looking to improve your work/life balance

- Working from home, furloughed or laid off, now is a great time to consider your career/job options

Companies are hiring. Clients are interviewing. I can help!

Call me to schedule a free Zoom consultation– Tom Wharton – 401.884.7959 or 401.835.1967 or email

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There’s a reason I’m known as “The Career Doctor”

My clients include people looking to change jobs, change careers, individual contributors, managers, directors, professionals and executives. I have assisted thousands of healthcare, professional, technical, insurance, financial, manufacturing, government, non-profit and administrative employees to find the right fit. My work with you is always confidential and will not stop until we’re successful!

I have over 20 years of one-on-one career counseling and job search with a history of success! I not only know the job market, but I also have strong relationships with people who are well-connected including recruiters, hiring managers, networking resources and business leaders…Resulting in more opportunities!

Career Coaching Includes:

  • Regular one-on-one meetings – Zoom, Face Time or phone to keep you focused & on track.
  • Virtual online career portal loaded with job agents, a recruiter database, Lexis Nexis database, letter templates, as well as job and career educational information.  24 hr access with new jobs in your field emailed to you daily, resulting in more activity!
  • Unsure of a future direction? We will provide career assessments!
  • Preparing a Value Proposition. “What do you want to do going forward and what are your skillsets and competencies which will qualify you?” What is your value proposition?”
  • I will assist in building your new dynamic, keyword laden, resume. In addition, I will help create a robust LinkedIn profile which will command attention!
  • Networking. Learn to master the art, resulting in more opportunities and interviews.
  • Interview skills training, how to be the best-prepared candidate! Today’s interviews can be very challenging…Phone, Zoom, FaceTime, in Person, by Committee, and even Artificial Intelligence interviews!
  • Entrepreneurial counseling & resources – the process of starting or acquiring a business
  • Focus On Life™ process; pre- and post-hire issues such as onboarding, career goals, adjusting to company culture, assimilating to the new position, establishing work-place chemistry and awareness of job-specific skills and knowledge requirements.
  • Lifetime updates to your resume and LinkedIn!

If you would like more information on how I can partner with you to navigate the job market, get noticed, and get more interviews, let’s schedule a no-cost informational Zoom meeting. please call  Tom Wharton, Managing Partner at 401.884.7959 or 401.835.1967 or email

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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

I had never worked with a career coach before but with the increasingly changing job market and having been out of it for so long, I took a leap of faith into this relationship. Boy am I glad I did! Tom is empathetic and honest and always available for any questions you may have. He challenges you to leave you comfort zone which opens you up to new opportunities you'd otherwise never find on your own. He made my resume stand out among the rest which increased the number of call backs I received and allowed me to be selective in my new job search. I would recommend Tom in a heartbeat!

Michelle CostaPHR, SHRM-CP

If you are looking for a compassionate—and passionate—career coach, you can count on Tom Wharton. Tom has extensive experience compassionately coaching people through career changes and career development, and it’s evident that he strongly believes in helping people reach their fullest potential. He is focused, persistent and excels at achieving results. I have very much enjoyed working with Tom over the years and would recommend him!

Jill Van NostranMarketing & Communications Director

I came to Tom in need of career guidance with the ultimate goal of finding a position with advancement opportunities as well as a positive work culture. Tom was very professional and supportive throughout the entire process giving me the tools to find a career that suited my personal qualities. His knowledge of the job market is substantial and the tips and tricks he recommended for the interview process proved invaluable. I am pleased to recommend his services to anyone looking for career guidance, whether it be just starting out like me or someone transitioning from one career to another.

Alex SwistFinancial Management

As a highly satisfied client of Toms Wharton's, I could write a thousand words on what he provided to me on a weekly basis that allowed me to excel in finding my next step in my professional career.
Tom took the time to think through with me how my skills would translate to other fields, which was my primary goal. He pushed me every week to network and meet people who were able to connect me with opportunities. I am grateful to Tom for his dedication and professionalism to my career and personal needs. I highly recommend Tom as an executive and career coach.

Cindy McDermottVP, Organizational & Human Development