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OI Global Partners is a consortium of 225 privately held offices in 28 countries offering a variety of outplacement and career transition programs that are designed to meet a wide range of organizational and individual needs. Using results-focused programs, we focus on people and quality outcomes, not rigid processes and this month’s profit targets. Proactive about arranging next-day appointments, we help employees gain control over the process.

While making sure that your organization meets its business goals, we define success by helping employees meet their career goals, not just find the “next job.” In other words, we lead change for organizations and individuals.

Our career transition programs include:

⭐ Executive Outplacement Programs

⭐ Individual Outplacement Programs

⭐ Group Outplacement Programs

⭐ Specialized Career Services

⭐ Co-Managed Individual System SM

⭐ Assessments

⭐ Onboarding

Career transition programs includes:

  • Weekly scheduled private meetings with a certified career counselor
  • Virtual online career portal, with one year access for all outplacement programs at no additional cost. Training and support provided.
  • Candidate and partner counseling, as needed
  • Diagnostic career assessments
  • Preparing a Value Proposition
  • Building resumes, CV’s and cover letters for today’s job market
  • Development of a strategic self-marketing plan
  • Training on incorporating social media into the job search; we will build your LinkedIn profile!
  • Working with executive search firms
  • Networking – scripts, role play and leads provided
  • Intensive job interview skills training using video role play analysis
  • Compensation, contracts and benefits negotiation
  • Entrepreneurial counseling & resources – the process of starting or acquiring a business
  • Retirement counseling & resources—for retirement considerations, if needed
  • Life coaching – lifetime skills, organizational skills, time management, etc.
  • Focus On Life™  process; pre- and post-hire issues such as: onboarding, career goals, adjusting to company culture, assimilating to the new position, establishing work-place chemistry and awareness of job-specific skill and knowledge requirements
  • Access to office facilities including telephone, fax, copier, computers with high-speed Internet, company/network databases and reference materials
  • Administrative support services as needed
  • Our Corporate Outplacement Programs are PRIVATE with weekly meetings for the duration of the program plus free access to the virtual career portal for one year.
  • Our certified career coaches serve as confidante, advocate, and career/job market experts.
  • Clients are provided with their consultant’s cell phone number and email to address any concerns they may have at any time during the process.
  • Customized to fit the needs of the client. If you would like more information on our services or would like to set up an informational meeting, please call S. Thomas Wharton, Managing Partner at 401.884.7959, or email
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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

It is my pleasure to be able to recommend Tom for his services. Tom is an insightful professional who aided and supported me in my transition in the workplace. He asks frank and probing questions, provides in depth guidance and continually kept me on track to meet my goal objectives. At the same time, he is empathetic, encouraging, respectful and inspiring!

Jon MarzettaVP Sales & Marketing

Tom's knowledge and advice were very helpful during a recent job transition. His constructive feedback and support enabled me to identify strengths and be more strategic in my job hunting approach. I'm grateful that my former employer provided job placement services and that I had the opportunity to meet and work with Tom and his staff.

Sandra Guerra DeanProgram Manager & Clinical Social Worker

Tom was my coach, motivator, challenger, and guide through the career change process which is now one year behind me. As I reflect with the benefit of time, Tom was key to keeping me true to my defined goals, allowed me to explore alternate avenues within reason, drove me to carry and present a positive interview persona, and most importantly empowered me to not look back but to charge forward. My weekly meetings with Tom provided a disciplined check-in on prior week’s goals and developed the coming week’s focus. His sharing of the highs and lows of not only his own career experiences but those of his clients, gave me the assurance that my emotions, fears, and periodic elations were real and valid. Tom most importantly became a friend through his trusting, supportive and caring way. I cannot more highly recommend Tom to stand alongside through your career transitions.

David J. MadaraClient Relationship Manager at OceanPoint Insurance

It was a pleasure to have worked with Tom and contributed to a global footprint with a local presence. Tom’s warm inviting nature allowed clients to feel comfortable during stressful periods. He taught clients techniques that will enhance their present situation and throughout life. He is a master at guiding his clients to achieving their goals. In addition, his experience with in the HR industry has been valued and appreciated by members of SHRM. He has been a mentor and continues to be a friend.

Debora MarshDirector of Business Development