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We hear about the loss of jobs on a daily basis; downsizing, reorganizing, layoffs, etc. If you haven’t changed jobs recently, chances are you will soon. According to the department of labor statistics, the average person, in his or her lifetime, will change jobs ten times, with the average job lasting three and one-half years! You need to keep your resume current and your resume must reflect what hiring managers want to see. The average resume just isn’t effective in today’s job market environment. professional resume / executive resume / resume writers / resume service

A professional resume/executive resume will make a huge difference!

As a full-service career coaching firm, one segment of career services involves preparing our clients’ resumes. Our experienced and certified writers know your industry. We know from experience which resumes work and which don’t. We’re in touch with personnel departments and human resource directors who tell us what’s right and what’s wrong about the resumes they receive. Don’t take chances by using a do-it-yourself resume.

The only purpose your resume serves is to get you interviews!

That’s accomplished by creating an advertisement of you; not by simply showing an attendance record. If you’ve ever sent out resumes and had no responses, there’s a reason. People who read your resume will judge not only on content; that is, information about you, but also on format — how the information is presented.  You want to impress upon the reader that you are worthy of an interview, and this must be accomplished in the least amount of time possible. Most resumes should be limited to one or two pages.

The person screening your resume will devote to it, on average, 10 – 15 seconds! You absolutely must capture their attention within that time span!

Why a Lifocus professional resume/executive resume?

  • Experience: We have over 25 years in the business.
  • State-of-the-art: Our software will take you from looking like all the rest to a uniquely designed, one of a kind resume. We customize and tailor it to fit your individual needs; never a template or cookie-cutter approach.

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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Tom was recommended to me by a past client of his. I was employed, but looking to take a positive career step. I was told that Tom was a great guy to work with, that he would work hard to help me with my resume and help me find the right fit for a new job. Tom did that and more. He worked with me to understand what was the best career move for me. He listened to what I wanted and what I needed in a job, then went about rebranding me with an up to date resume and online profile. He worked with me to understand what I needed to do to be successful in my job search. Working with Tom was a great career choice. He is easy to work with and understands how difficult a job search can be. I suggest anyone who is in the market for new employment to give him a call.

Joseph DeTrolioSales Manager at Staples Stores

Tom's help writing my resume and cover letter were a huge reason I got so many job interviews. Many potential employers have commented on how my resume stuck out among the rest. I highly recommend him!

Eric ParentMGF Engineer

I am happy to recommend Tom Wharton. He is a true professional that has the best interest of others. Refreshing to work with someone who is skilled at what he does and is so willing to give to others.

Karyn RhodesVP/Director at Complete Payroll Solutions

Tom was most helpful getting myself to network, to update my resume and preparing me for interviews. However, I struggled with the fact that it took six months to find the position best suited for me, and Tom was so encouraging throughout the process. When the pandemic hit and everything came to a halt, Tom encouraged me to do more networking by phone, email and zoom, which is how I made the right connection. Extremely knowledgeable and insightful of the job market at all times, Tom's ability to adjust under any situation, even a pandemic, made it possible for me to succeed at a difficult time. I will always give my highest recommendation to Tom without reservations!

James DemersDirector of Alternative Programs at Plymouth Public Schools