Talent managers from over 1,000 organizations in 25 countries where OI Global Partners does business participated in our fourth annual FUTURE OF WORK survey, conducted from July through September 2019 with an online questionnaire. See the results here

As in previous surveys, OI Global Partners set out to understand;
• Which skills employees must have to be competitive today
• The most significant people challenges currently facing organizations
• The most effective ways to develop talent in 2020

We expanded the question set to include, for the first time;
• The impact new technology is expected to have on jobs
• The use of structured talent management systems by organizations
• The prevalence of employer brand strategies and reasons
for implementing them

Organizations of all sizes are represented, with half reporting
more than 500 employees. Likewise, answers come from every
one of 16 major industry groups, with the heaviest response from
Financial Services; Business Support & Logistics; Technology,
Telecom, Internet & Electronics; and Manufacturing. Three
quarters of respondents are from Human Resources or General
Management functions and geographically, survey participants
are skewed towards Europe.

See the results here

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Tom Wharton, CMF