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“Future of Work” Global HR Executive Survey Results Now Available

By November 29, 2016No Comments

Global HR Executive Survey Results Now Available

Earlier this year, OI Global Partners conducted a survey of human resources professionals across the globe. We were thrilled to receive hundreds of responses from clients in North America, Europe and Australia, representing the Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Automotive, and Energy & Mining industries.

The goals of the survey were to identify the following:

  1. the skills employees must have to be competitive today;
  2. the most significant people challenges currently facing organizations;
  3. the roles most at risk; and
  4. the most effective ways to develop talent.

We’re grateful to our clients for sharing their firsthand knowledge and insights. The results are fascinating. Despite the differences in location and industry, there are common challenges and risks which our clients are facing, and they are implementing solutions that are effective in managing an increasingly diverse workforce.

The full set of survey results can be downloaded here.

If you’re facing any of the issues identified in this survey, please contact us. We would love to learn more about the issues you’re experiencing. Our professional coaches are a resource for developing an organization’s leaders to sharpen skills, engage employees and improve team performance, prioritize and address pressing organizational issues, to manage strategically and capitalize on new opportunities. When you engage us to train your managers to build their coaching skills, they conduct more effective career conversations leading to clarity in goal-setting, stronger employee engagement, excellence in performance, and retention of the best talent.

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